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Dear Parents & Guardians,

The struggle is real — as our children grow older, their school workload, extracurricular activities, and social commitments become increasingly difficult to manage. From the transition of elementary to middle school and the leap from middle school to high school, to being prepared for college or post-secondary life, and all the time in between, I have witnessed first-hand the challenge that students face.

As an academic coach, my purpose is to end suffering and be of service to learning and wisdom, empowering students to awaken to their possibilities. In my career, I have seen students and families struggle with the same issue, and as a witness to that struggle, it is my goal to help stop it where I can.  It looks something like this: As a student starts getting older and academic material becomes more difficult, they may begin doing poorly in a subject and at the point, the family thinks, “We should call a content tutor” — I know because I would be the content tutor they would call.

More and more, I noticed that 99% of the time, it was not a content issue — it was a structure issue.  Students could learn the material fairly easily when I helped them one-on-one, however, they were all mildly to completely disorganized and had no clear system for their materials. They didn’t know how to schedule their time properly to produce quality work, take good notes, or correct errors, let alone balance their academic and personal commitments effectively. There was a general feeling of disarray among them, but they couldn’t quite pinpoint why. I became fully aware of the problem when my math students outgrew me content-wise. I would send them to higher math tutors for Algebra II and beyond, but I realized they still needed me to coach them on how to organize themselves, their materials, and their time. Where else would they receive the strategies and regular confidence boost from feeling pulled together that our sessions provided? The stark realization that a wide range of students, from top performers to those who struggle academically, needed a game plan to overcome this executive functioning issue prompted me to become an Academic Coach, focusing on time management, organization, and study skills.

Over the last 13 years, I have coached students of all levels from struggling to confident & successful. My effective strategies improve time management, organization, and study skills in a fun and innovative way that motivates and empowers students to achieve their academic and personal bests. Armed with the proper tools, each student is able to meet the challenge head on and make the transformation into a Wise Student who is organized, confident, and happy.

Parent Testimonials


Peace of mind.

“Balancing the life of a highschooler with their extracurricular activities and studies can be overwhelming. Penny helped our daughter break it down into manageable components that gives her piece of mind and keeps the stress level down at home. Our daughter participates in Penny’s weekly Sunday online sessions which is a valuable tool to start the week off right. Taking time to plan the following week’s schedule helps to stay on target and use time efficiently.”

— Maria P., Belmont, CA

Creating advocates.

“Penny has done a wonderful job of making math (and school in general) so much more manageable for my daughter. Her positive reinforcement and strategies has given my high school student confidence in the classroom and resulted in her being able to advocate more effectively with her teaching team at school! Overall, my daughter’s stress level has decreased which in turn has made our family life much more manageable and positive!

— Melinda A., San Mateo, CA

Productive and confident.

“Penny has worked with two of my children on a wide range of subjects and tasks (math, Italian, Spanish, English, organization, calendaring...).  Her energetic and positive personality is a draw for the students and they want to succeed and make her proud. Instead of nagging my kids, I bring them to Penny and they spend amazingly productive time with her and walk out smarter, more confident, and well prepared to take on their week and their work.

— Leslie R., Hillsborough, CA

Bolstering maturity.

“I highly recommend the Sunday coaching sessions!  As the mother of a 16 year old son, I can honestly say it feels wonderful to step aside and let someone else ‘take the wheel’ and hold him accountable for his weekly academic deadlines. The ease of joining the online sessions, as well as how informative the discussions are, make these meetings an absolute MUST!  After just a few weeks into the program, I can see how much my son looks forward to joining every Sunday night and also how he tackles his vigorous academic schedule with more maturity.” 

— Maria H., Hillsborough, CA

Nurturing responsibility.

“We met Penny when my older daughter was preparing for the Catholic High School entrance exams in California. They developed such a unique and wonderful bond we continued the relationship 3,000 miles away in Philadelphia via the internet. We even added my seventh grade daughter into the mix. They have worked on everything from Advanced Geometry, Algebra, thesis statements and essay writing to study and organizational skills. I believe it is Penny's approachable personality and the way she speaks to them not at them that really helps both girls to flourish and feel respected, as if they are in the driver seat.  She has helped nurture a sense of responsibility, ownership and confidence that is very important to any person's success.”

— Nicole M., Philadelphia, PA

The value of support.

"Penny has been a great support for my kids in so many different areas from executive functioning to deep subject knowledge.  She is multi-faceted in how she works with kids.  Before diving into content, Penny makes sure the kids are organized and understand expectations. Penny clearly explains concepts and builds the kids' confidence. Penny has great rapport with my kids, and they have very different personalities.  Both my kids see the value in Penny's coaching and self-advocate for time with her.

— Kathleen M., Hillsborough, CA

Instilling calm.

Penny has proven to be extremely effective in honing in on the academic needs of our children, and is well versed in tutoring a multitude of subjects. In addition, Penny has the ability to instill calm and confidence in a student. On some days our children would feel anxious about an upcoming exam, and after a session with Penny not only would they feel more confident with the knowledge they had learned, but also, they would go into the exam more relaxed thereby enabling them to do their best.

— Lisa & Jim B., Hillsborough, CA

One of a kind.

“Penny is truly one of a kind in the work she does and services she performs. She cares so deeply for her students in the academic and emotional support she gives them, the follow up with parents, and the energy she brings to each session.  I have not met a fellow parent who hasn't raved about her, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her for my son as he moves through middle and high school.  Her support is tremendous and she's the first tutor I recommend when parents come to me for any kind of subject tutoring, final exam preparation, or executive functioning skills support.”

— Emily C., Hillsborough, CA

Structure for success.

“When my 13 year old stepdaughter moved in with us, she had to adapt to a new school and create new friendships. During the first month of attending her new STEM Academy for 8th grade, she began to struggle with Algebra because of the different way it was taught here. After their first session, my daughter and Penny had a magic relationship.  Her grade went from a low C to an A!  Penny is clear with her teaching and gives advice based on the students capabilities.  Penny inspires her students to reach for realistic goals while also challenging them to achieve more than they thought they could. As a Freshman in high school, my daughter is in Geometry and is keeping an easy A. Penny’s guidance has given our daughter the structure she needed to apply to all her classes to be successful.”

— Charlene H., Burlingame, CA

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