I’ve Been in Your Shoes

Dear Students,

Thank you so much for being here! In my experience, I have witnessed that all students have the desire to shine in their academic and personal lives.  I look forward to working with you and sharing my strategies for student excellence so that you can accomplish everything you hope to and more.

First, you should know that I wasn’t always an expert.  As a student, I was enthusiastic and did very well academically, but I struggled immensely.  I was very disorganized and was a huge last minute procrastinator which made me frustrated and annoyed with myself for creating unnecessary stress in my life.  I didn’t know that there was any other way to operate — that I had options, that I could somehow organize myself and manage my time because no one ever explicitly told me how, but deep down, I knew there had to be a better way.   

I became an academic coach because I realized that students were suffering in the same way that I did and I wanted to help them.  They all, on some level, needed help with time management, organization, and study skills but didn’t know where to start.

Now that I have the tools and experience, I feel compelled to help make student's lives better.  I am passionate about passing these skills onto students to help them live their best lives so that they can feel confident and happy. This is why I’ve created online courses, meetings, blog posts, and helpful tips and strategies for you. They contain all of the foundational elements that you need to be successful in school plus important lessons that you can carry with you throughout life, thus reducing stress, increasing productivity, and ultimately allowing you to live a happier existence.  

It brings me great joy and purpose to share what I know with you because I am being the person that I needed when I was a student.  I needed a me — I needed an academic coach to guide me, but I didn’t have one, so I had to figure everything out for myself.  But you don’t have to. You have the benefit of learning directly from me and saving yourself from the headache and stress of being disorganized.

Working together, you’ll transform into a Wise Student and experience the joy that comes with that title. By implementing the strategies, you’ll cultivate a sense of confidence and control as you become the master of your time and space.  Independence, accountability, responsibility, self-awareness, self-care, and balance in your academic and personal life will also be huge benefits that you experience.

I want to assure you that you are in the right place and that you can count on me.  Get ready to become organized, confident, and happy and feel like you have more free time than you’ve ever had before. Are you ready?! Let’s do this!    


Student Testimonials

Maximize time.

“Attending Penny’s Sunday meetings has really helped me plan my weeks and weekends and maximize my free time.  When I organize my upcoming important events and goals, I feel more relaxed and well-rounded as a person and a student.

— James B.,
San Mateo High School, CA

The big picture matters.

“Penny was one of the teachers who really cared and valued me both as a student, but as an individual. She wanted me to succeed — but also to be happy, and fulfilled, confident and believe in myself. Her care not only helped with my test scores, but to be an all-around resilient person making decisions when I went out in the world.”

— Alina U.,
Burlingame High School, CA
Stanford University,
Marshall Scholar Queens University, Belfast

Hello, self-confidence.

“Wise Student has impacted my organizational skills tremendously. Every meeting that has taken place is one more step towards success.  Our Sunday meetings are fantastic! They help me gain control of my week one assignment or test at a time.  They have brought my self-confidence back to the arena. I now feel prepared for any obstacle in the coming weeks!”

— Niko B.,
Marianapolis Preparatory School, CT

Planning ahead works.

“My senior year I was introduced to Penny and school felt possible again. More than academic support, Penny provided a sanctuary away from all the craziness that was my competitive school. One technique that Penny introduced me to that I still use today is test scheduling. I tended to let tests creep up on me and not spend the time I needed on studying. Every week we would make calendars devoted to my study time for that week. More than just relieving the stress of my upcoming tests, Penny was able to help me realize that getting though my examinations was possible.”

— Ravella R.,
Aragon High School, CA
Willamette University

Tools for long-term success.

“At the end of senior year of high school, I began seeing Penny as an academic coach. She helped me plan my week and set goals which kept me efficient and organized. I was able to effectively study for all of my AP tests, maintain a regular exercise schedule, and attend all my extra curricular activities and meetings. Now I attend UC Berkeley and Penny was definitely an important factor in me getting here. I still use the planning skills she taught me — they are essential to my success and I am so grateful for her help. Penny is a warm, calming, and caring person - important qualities for me in a mentor. She's also young and down to earth so I felt extremely comfortable working with her.”

— Mia S.,
Burlingame High School, CA
University of California, Berkeley

Goodbye, chaos.

“Penny’s coaching has helped me become a better student over the years. At first, I was completely unorganized and careless when it came to completing homework. Not only has she helped me with a method to correct my previous chaotic behavior but she has also helped me understand the material I was learning. Without her I would have never been able to improve in school and accomplish so much. The quality of her teaching is outstanding and I will never be able to thank her enough.”

— Anna U.,
Burlingame High School, CA
American University

Easy to follow.

“Working with Penny was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in the interest of my education. She is understanding and gets down to business right way. Her step by step explanations are easy to follow and it was relieving to finally have the tools to help me understand material I had struggled with before.”

— Nicholas Y.,
Burlingame High School, CA
University of Nevada, Reno

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