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noun | wise stu·dent | \ˈwīzˈstü-dᵊnt\

1   a  : characterized by wisdom : marked by deep understanding, keen discernment, and a capacity for sound judgment regarding one’s academic and personal life

b  : exercising or showing authority : manages time effectively, is organized, and applies numerous study strategies to achieve a sense of agency, mastery, and joy

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Wise Student 101: Fundamentals for Success
Time Management, Organization, & Study Skills

This comprehensive online course consists of:

  • 23 video modules

  • Step-by-step expert coaching for time management and executive functioning skills

  • How-to methods for developing habits of scholarship for success in school and beyond

  • Modeling skills that cultivate a sense of confidence and control, reducing stress and increasing productivity

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Wise Student Success Sundays
Plan, Network, Celebrate

Success Sundays are innovative, live, interactive meetings which take place every Sunday at 5pm PST.

Students gain:

  • Practical techniques for time management, executive functioning, and student/parent/teacher communication

  • A plan for the week ahead through small group and individualized feedback

  • Confidence and networking skills through lively discussion about pressing academic topics with their peers facilitated by a professional

For the first thirty minutes, Penny coaches students through the weekly planning session. In their planners or online calendars, students schedule important academic and personal responsibilities plus weekend study hours for the coming week. Students build the helpful habits of time management and prioritization as they prepare for the week ahead.

The second half of the meeting focuses on a lively discussion topic relevant to student life. The motivating, encouraging, and secure environment of the live forum allows group members to share ideas, learn from each other, and come away with action items to focus on for the week ahead.

Together, the online course and weekly Sunday meetings create a system that cannot be found anywhere else, with the answers that all students need and an ecosystem that can always be accessed for continued success.

Penny Kostaras Wise Student Monthly Calendar

Wise Students are calm, confident, and in control. They realize that by being organized, they can create more free time than they ever had before.

Penny Kostaras Wise Student Grit

Wise Students have grit. They are patient and believe in themselves, recognizing that fortitude and sustained effort over time is how goals come to fruition.

Penny Kostaras Wise Student Ask for Help

Wise Students advocate for themselves and utilize their resources. They know that asking for help is a strength and accepting help creates new possibilities.

Penny Kostaras Wise Student Lifelong Learners

Wise students are lifelong learners. They understand that the skills they develop now will set them up for success past their student years and well into adulthood.

Penny Kostaras Wise Student Joy

Wise Students are independent, accountable, and self-aware. They take pride in being responsible and having balance in their lives which brings them joy.

Penny Kostaras Wise Student Nightly Timeline

Wise Students are the masters of their time. By planning ahead regularly, they have the power to expand time to establish stability and well-being in their lives.

Penny Kostaras Wise Student Helpful Habits

Wise Students realize that everything they want to accomplish will be achieved through hard work, effort, and repeated practice of helpful habits.


Wise Students are coachable. They are open to learning new skills and adapting diverse techniques to fit their personal style.